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well, in this post you’ll gonna see me tryin to scamper my favourite cellphone brand : NOKIA. even though im not using one now, i always like it because its very user friendly.

firstly, SCAMPER is an acronym which stands for :

*Substitute = Imagine if nokia use RIM technology, instead of blackberry messenger we’ll have nokia messenger or nokia chat or whatever the nokia guy wants to call it

*Combine = i wanna combine the user friendly tech that nokia have with all the advantage that blackberry have

*Adapt = despite all the good things, nokia doesnt increase the price of its product, that is what i call adapt because this is gonna be a trend and everyone surely wanna get a piece of it

*Modify = modify the software so it can be upgrade automatically just like blackberry or a mac

*Put to other uses = how about makin it useful for mp3 player and i didnt mean just so it can keep hundred songs, the speaker quality should be as good as an ipod too

*Eliminate = eliminate the voice command, i dont think many people use it

*Reverse = well this one is pretty hard, but i think that the messenger feature should work on any brand not for nokia only. but only nokia have it